task 2



IP 10 Video Analyisis

This video was very easy to make. Everybody took part. This video was very slow at start but then we made a last second change and it went very well from there. It took one day of filming and one day of editing to get it done and it was still about seven minutes long. The project was very easy and it was fun to film with friends and just to hang out. I would maybe want to do another thing like this in school. Spencer and bailey are really good at filming and editing and I did most of the acting.

Digital Life 102

What percentage of teens ages 12 to 17 say they have been in a car with a driver texting?

In 2009 it was 48% and still today stats say that it is still 48% but I don’t agree with that because now a days everyone has a cellphone and I think there is a lot more that text and drive than 48%.

About how many teens that have  cell phones sleep with them on or near their beds?

In 2010 it was reported that four out of five teens sleep near their phones while they are on. According to research today 87 percent of teens sleep with or close to their cell phones at night.

What is the most visited website?

In February 2011, facebook was the most visited website and still today it is still the most visited website.

How many videos are uploaded on youtube every minute?

In march 2011 there was approximately 24 videos uploaded every minute and today there are about 100 hours of video posted every minute.

How many users are on facebook?

As of April 2011 there was about 500 million users using facebook now there is about 1.11 billion users on facebook as of 2013.

What percentage of teens said they have received “sexts”?

As of 2009 there was only 15 percent and now there is about 80 percent of teens receive sexts.

What percentage of teens use privacy settings?

As of 2010 about 4 out of 5 teens used privacy settings and now only 24% of teens use privacy settings.

What is the average amount of texts a teen sends each day?

As of 2010 they would send about 100 texts per day and now they send just over 100 texts a day and have an average of about 3300-3400 texts per month.